The role of Chimney in protecting the health of a home is significant. The Chimney pulls out the grease and all other bad odour leaving behind a pleasant feeling for healthy cooking. Some chimney circulates the bad air in a kitchen. Various home appliance brands provide kitchen chimney. But before picking a model to consider five important features mentioned in the article.

5 important features to consider when buying a kitchen chimney

  1. The size of the Chimney

The first factor to consider when buying a kitchen chimney is the size of the Chimney. Based on the size of the stove or cooking range, decide the size of the Chimney. As a rule, it is important to note that the width of the Chimney should not be less than the size of the stove. For Indian Kitchen, a chimney with 60 cm wide is a perfect option. 60cm width chimney is suitable for two stove burners for bigger stoves go for a chimney with 90cm width.

The width and distance between the Chimney and the gas stove are two important factors for better performance.

  1. The suctioning power of the Chimney

The suctioning power of a good Chimney is the most important feature to consider when buying it. The sucking capacity of the Chimney is what removes grease, smoke, and bad odours that result from cooking. Chimneys with a suction power to extract ten times the volume of air in a given space should be considered.

The suction power of the Chimney can be decided by looking at the size of the kitchen, ventilation included, and eating habits of a family.

  1. Type of Chimney

The type of Chimney varies in its filtration system. The filtration system of the Chimney is of three types’ carbon, baffle, and mesh. Mesh filter contains multiple layers of aluminum that traps the solid particle, whereas the baffle filter allows the smoke to escape by restraining the grease. A chimney with a baffle filter is an improvement to mesh filter.

Finally, we have carbon filters, which are similar to the ones present in water purifiers. These filters are made of charcoal and remove the bad odour from the food.

  1. Maintenance of the Chimney

The benefits of a chimney are plenty but for its durability, it is important to clean and maintain it frequently. Cleaning of the Chimney is simple these days; today, one can find Chimney with removable filter and auto cleaning features. The removable filters of the Chimney can be soaked in a mild soap solution to remove grease and solid particles stuck to it.

  1. Cost of the Chimney

The last factor to consider when buying a chimney is the amount of money you are willing to spend on it. Look for a chimney that complements your home décor and within the budget.

Bottom Line:

Now that we have seen five important features to consider when buying a chimney, do not hold back when picking a model. We all deserve the best kitchen appliance that allows for a pleasant cooking experience.