When you want to buy a new washing machine for your home, you need to understand certain important features before buying the washing machine. Here we will discuss such 5 important things you should know about a washing machine.

Semi-Automatic or Fully-Automatic:

Majorly, the washing machines are classified into two types, such as semi-automatic washing machines and fully-automatic washing machines. Semi-automatic washers are bigger that require your manual action for completing the washing cycle. Coming to fully-automatic washing machines, they are again classified into 2 types, such as Top-load washers and Front-load washers. When you want to buy a washing machine, you need to think about which model may suit your needs and go with the right one.

Wash Settings:

Nowadays, in front-load washing machines are coming with more than 21 wash settings. This means you are allowed to wash the clothes using wash programs such as delicate, cotton, quick wash, normal, heavy-duty, babywear, small load, etc. But when you consider the top-load washers, you will not get many wash settings. These front-load washers may come with a few important wash programs. So based on your requirements, you can go with the right type.

Spin Cycle:

Based on the clothes you wash in the washing machine, the speed of rotation is denoted by revolutions per minute (RPM). This is important to check in your washing cycle. When you consider the top-load washers, the spin speed is very less. But with front-load washers, the spin speed goes to the maximum range of 1400 rpm. Also, the washing machine that you buy should spin less than 300-500 rpm for delicate clothes, and for those heavy-duty and robust clothes, the spin speed may go up to 1000 rpm.


Efficiency includes two things that you need to consider, such as water and energy. The washing machine that you choose to buy should be water and energy-efficient. So that you can save water and reduce the electricity bill amount that you pay. For instance, top load washers consume much water when compared to front-load washers. Also, front-load washers are energy efficient in saving power. But still, they are much more expensive. So, analyze all such factors when you want to buy a washing cycle.

Loading Capacity:

This is another significant factor that you need to know in a washing cycle. For those having a large family, they may require a fully automatic washing machine of high loading capacity to wash larger loads of clothes. For a small family, it is better to go with the washing machine having a medium loading capacity. For instance, if you are only 2 members in the house, then you can buy a washing machine of 6 Kg loading capacity.

In addition to the above things, you also should know other important things, such as the material of the drum inside the washer, the size of the machine, the pre-soaking feature, drying capacity, etc. When you understand all such factors, it will help you to buy the right washing machine from the market.