Treadmills are the most common exercise equipment that is easy to use and quite useful to help you lose weight. The treadmill is a mechanically or electrically driven device on which you can run and walk. You would be doing this on the spot while the tread moves under your feet. These treadmills are considered to be effective not only for exercising but are supposed to render many additional benefits such as improving blood circulation and cardiovascular system.

Types of treadmill

Types based on power

 There are two types of treadmill based on the type of power supply. They are

  • Magnetic treadmill– This type of treadmill does not require electrical energy. You have got to use the strength of your running muscles to move and maintain the treadmill. The running pace will ensure that the treadmill rotates at the right pace.
  • Electrical treadmill– These Treadmills are powered by electricity. They are provided with speed and inclination control and can be used to control them precisely. These types of treadmills have speed and power.

Types based on use

The types of treadmills based on use include

 House treadmills– This refers to folding treadmills that occupy very little storage space. They can be used and then folded and kept when not in use. You have both mechanical and electrical treadmills of this kind.

Club treadmills– These Treadmills are strong and have a robust frame as well. They are designed in such a way that they are fit to be operated for long periods. They are endowed with speed control and a number of other useful computer functions. They have a longer and broader running tread and an easy user interface.

Anti-gravity treadmill– This is a special type of treadmill that people who have recovered from an injury can use to train.

Advantages of using Treadmills

  There are many advantages of treadmills for man. Some of them are

  • It is an easy to use exercise equipment
  • It has a predictable surface that makes it easier to walk on without hassles like having to navigate sidewalks, curbs, trails, etc. if you are walking.
  • It is possible to control speed, the inclination, the warm-up period, the cooldown period as per requirement. You can measure the energy expended as well.
  • You can burn calories faster by running on a treadmill rather than doing other exercises.
  • You can keep track of your fitness progress.