The induction cooktops have become very popular in India because of its effective cooking benefits and stylish designs. The operation and the maintenance costs are also comparatively less in induction cooktops. It offers a convenient cooking environment which home and professional cooks in India require. Here are the top 5 induction cooktop brands in India for your information.

  • Philips 2100watts induction cooktop

Philips is one of the best sellers of induction cooktops. It is a widely accepted brand in Indian households. The Viva collection is a group of highly effective induction cooktops ranges in Philips.

The model HD4928/01 is a sleek and classy cooktop with a plate made of microcrystal. It is compact and will not take up a lot of the kitchen area. There is an Auto-off program also for ease of use.

  • Pigeon 2100watts induction cooktop

Pigeon is one of the famous brands in India. The range in the Pigeon brand is well known to be effective in performance and also less in price.

It contains embedded advanced technology. This feature saves power and, at the same time, allows food to cook quickly. That is why it is the best electric cooktops in the market. The cooktop arrives with eighteen special Indian menus that are present in the touch panel. It also contains the electromagnetic mechanism for cooking food. Add this extraordinary cooktop in your kitchen and cook easily.

  • Prestige 1200watts induction cooktop

The prestige is the first brand to launch the induction cooktops in India. In the various models, the brand contains, the one model called PIC 20 is known for its high performance. It also looks stylish in the dark rich black colour. It can also be easily carried to any place you like in your home. The heating process is quick and only uses 1200watts power. This is a great addition to your kitchen, as it is easy to clean.

  • iBell 2000watts glass induction cooktop

This product is a local Indian brand. It is speedily becoming well known for its quality and efficiency. The cooktop is available at reasonable costs. It suits all kinds of kitchens, from simple to sophisticated ones. The induction cooktop boasts a stylish design with single ceramic glass. The quality coils can be utilized to offer even temperatures. If the device gets overheated, it will automatically shut off. So this feature will increase safety when you are cooking.

  • Usha 1600watts induction cooktop

The Brand Usha has earned respect and trust over these years in India. The induction cooktops from Usha are also entering the center stage. It has a portable design that allows for ease and convenience in use. There are five present options for cooking like milk, braise, chapati, hot pots, and fry for easy food preparation. Cook without hassle in Usha cooktops and enjoy the cooking experience.

These are the top 5 induction cooktop brands under 2000 in India. Choose the product you prefer and experience the top level of cooking.