Showers are the main reason for chlorine exposure. Whenever you take a hot shower bath, the heat converts the chlorine into the vaporized steamy air. Such a vaporized air is not good to inhale into your lungs. Just a 10-minute shower bath is much enough for chlorine absorption by your body than drinking chlorinated water. So, you need a shower filter to remove the chlorine and other harmful chemicals present in it.

Filter Media:

When you shower filters, the presence of chlorine and other organic compounds such as chloramines is reduced by passing through the filtration media like KDF. When there is no presence of chlorine in the water, you feel it gentler to take a bath on your hair and skin and you will not get any chemical odor in it.


KDF stands for Kinetic Degradation Fluxion. KDF is a granular zinc alloy that is responsible for the process of exchanging its electrons with the electrons of the harmful chemicals present in the water.  Thus the process ends by converting the heavy metals into harmless one and thus not harmful to your skin. KDF is mainly used to improve the taste of water to a new level.

KDF removes the presence of chlorine in water by converting the chlorine into water-soluble chloride ion. The process occurs in the KDF with the help of two metals such as copper and zinc that produce a galvanic electrolytic reaction and thus convert the chlorine into chloride.  Chloride is much safer, as it will not affect your skin or hair growth and it is good for taste too. KDF also helps in removing other chemicals such as iron, lead, and copper. Since it is a bacteriostatic filter, there is no algae growth inside the shower filter. One can see the best shower filter reviews for the filter having KDF media in it.

Carbon Media:

The next choice is the carbon filter media that also helps in removing the chlorine content present in the water. But when you increase the water’s temperature, it is quite difficult for the carbon filter to remove the chlorine content. Thus, it is helpful for use in drinking water applications where there is an elimination of chlorine in cold water by its action. But for hot showers, it is considered to be a poor choice, as it will allow the contaminants to release through the filter with its poor action. Thus, KDF serves as the ideal option to use in the shower filters.

With many expensive models in the market, one has to choose the right shower filter having the KDH filter media in it. Based on your filter systems, you need to go for replacements of the filter frequently without missing it. Replacement costs are quite high and thus, manage your budget before you plan to replace the filter. To buy the shower filters, read the reviews and buy the one having the best shower filter reviews. Thus, buy a shower filter system to prevent skin allergies and breathing issues.