The Jobsite table saws are unique, highly portable, and let the carpenters do their job with ease. The convenient design allows woodworkers to use this saw in the workshop for a variety of jobs. But many people feel daunting to find the right Jobsite table saw.Here is how to do it.

  • Motor Power

This is an important factor to look for while choosing a good Jobsite table saw for your workshop. If the table saw has enough power to let you cut different types of materials easily, then it is a good one to select. So, you can look for the Jobsite table saws that come with a powerful motor. A 1 or 2 horsepower motor can cut a 2-inch thick wood piece easily. If you need to cut higher thickness jobs, then you can opt for table saws with higher horsepower. For cutting a 3-inch thick wood piece, you will require a table saw with 3 to 5 HP motor.

Jobsite Table Saw

  • Weight

If you want to do your job quickly and effectively, then you should choose a lightweight Jobsite table saw. This will make your task simpler. However, while looking for a lightweight table saw, you shouldn’t ignore the sturdiness and stability of the saw. Otherwise, you can’t cut the materials accurately. So, make sure that the Jobsite table saw is lightweight, sturdy, and stable before purchasing it. Also, a lightweight table saw will allow you to carry it from one place to another effortlessly.

  • Type of Drive

Selecting the right type of drive is another essential point to get a good Jobsite table saw. Here are the two types of drives used in table saws.

Direct Drive

Like the name, the blade is connected to the motor directly in a direct-drive table saw. It produces less noise and vibration than a belt drive system. Also, the direct-drive table saws are lightweight and cause no power loss. Since power is transmitted directly in this type of table saw, it is small and easy to use. Direct drive table saws are great for small jobs.

Belt Drive

These types of Jobsite table saws come with a V belt and pulley system for power transmission.So, they can provide more power and torque for cutting thicker materials. Because the motor is present at a distance from the blade, it brings up less dust during the operation. Belt drive table saws are expensive and less expensive than direct drive table saws.

  • Safety Features

The next thing to consider while buying a Jobsite table saw is the safety features. Because it is a power tool, you can get injured easily while working with this tool if you are not careful. So you should check some safety features like anti-kickback and flesh detection to prevent accidents. Moreover, you can look for a magnetic switch feature to make sure that the table saw doesn’t start accidentally.


Now, you have a general idea about the things to look for while choosing the right Jobsite table saw for your work. We hope these points will help you get your preferred table saw from the market.