Steam cleaners are handy for many of the cleaning applications. It is one of the most effective cleaning tools available for cleaning delicate fabrics, upholstery, and mattress. Unlike other cleaning tools, it is not only used to clean dirt, grease, and stain, but it also helps in sanitizing and removing allergens. It is very effective in cleaning all types of viruses and bacteria, such as mites, bedbugs, and pathogens.

This article will be helpful for you learn to clean upholstery with a steam cleaner by following these simple tips.

Vacuuming the upholstery

The first and foremost step is vacuuming any dirt, dust, allergens, and pet hair. If there are any pillows in the furniture, keep it aside and thoroughly vacuum the furniture. Use the right attachment to clean the upholstery. Using the wrong attachment can damage the fabric.

Pre-treating the stain

Spraying upholstery spot cleaner will help you to clean any visible stain. Let the cleaning agent soak on the upholstery so that the stain can break. After some time, use a cloth to wipe out the stain. Most of the stains, such as food stain, dirt, pee, poop, and oil stains can be difficult to remove. So, pre-treat the stain by mixing vinegar and alcohol or baking soda along with water.

Conditioning the fabric

The Products, well known as soil emulsifiers, will help to loosen the stained area. These products can be sprayed on upholstery, pillows, and furniture. There is also an upholstery shampoo available in the market that can be sprayed as a thin layer. This conditioner will come off when the upholstery is cleaned with the steam cleaner.

Choose a suitable steam cleaner.

There are different types of steam cleaner available in the market. They are differentiated in terms of fabric, upholstery, and handheld. You can pick the right one according to the suitability of the surface.

Preparation of the steam cleaning machine

Adding water and a cleaning agent to the steaming machine is the main step. There is a separate container in the steam cleaner to fill in water and a cleaning agent. Adding the correct attachment, such as revolving brush, stationary brush to clean the upholstery, will help in proper cleaning.

Starting the steam cleaning process.

Take the steamer in hand and spray the area with steam. There is also a separate button available to spray the steam in the furniture. Once the steam hits the surface, it will be wet. However, suck all the excess steam with the steam cleaner. Don’t spray the steam all at once in the furniture. This will make the steam get absorbed for more time, and it will also be difficult to suck all the steam. So, steam one surface at a time. Repeat the same to clean all the areas in the upholstery.

The drying process

When the upholstery is completely clean, allow it to dry for a while. The drying process can be fastened by using a fan or blow dryer.

Clean dirt and stains on upholstery with a steam cleaner. Follow the above steps to use the steam cleaner in the right way.