Do you want to find how to use and clean the Jet Ski life jacket? Then stay focused on this article and collects all the information. Nowadays, everyone knows the usage of the life jacket. It is mainly useful for individuals who are going beach for jet skiing. It will mainly provide water safety. Without using it, going for jet skiing is more dangerous. Therefore, use the jet ski life jacket and protect your life. After using the life jacket, you must keep it secure by cleaning it regularly. Providing special attention and care for the life jackets will extend its functionality and expectancy. Below you can check out the cleaning process of Jet Ski’s life jacket.

Requirements & Procedure to Clean Life Jackets

There are some supplies and tools that must be required.

  • Best quality detergent powder
  • Soft bristle brush
  • Plastic bucket
  • Drying rack
  • Water hose

If the life jackets got some stains like food, sunscreen or mud, then it must be immediately cleaned in an effective manner. Even it looks fresh and clean after usage, you should never skip cleaning. You have to clean it on your end of the season or on a monthly basis. Basically, each and every wearing leaves sun care products on the fabric and oils from the skin.

You have to place your life jacket with all hardware and straps movable, on the cover and make use of the soft brush and detergent. Then you have to scrub each and every side of the jacket. In case, your jacket is full of tough stains like food or red mud, then you can app the detergent dab into the stain directly. After brushing, then you have to leave some time before you start rinsing.

Then you have to rinse well via using more water or hose that smooth the fabric to deeply get into the crevices. Then you can leave the jacket to dry directly under the sunlight. You can use the rotating fan, suppose you want to dry the jacket inside your home during night time. You should never place this life jacket in the clothes dryer. So, make a note of it.

In case your life jacking is having mildew or mold, then you have to move on to the outside area. Then you can brush away all the spores completely before wetting the fabric. As suggested, you have to scrub but you have to add 1/4 cup of oxygen-based bleach to the detergent. Due to that, dark stains can be effectively removed.

Here, a large front load washer can also be used, but you have to place it on the low final spin rate. Finally, you can find a huge difference.


Now you have found how to use and clean the Jet Ski life jacket from the above-mentioned details. So use your jacket wisely and keep it very secure by regular cleaning!!! Hence use the clean Jet Ski life jacket now!!!