Over the years, we have seen the methods used for cooking in India evolve in beautiful ways. We have moved towards modernity, but our cooking methods have still managed to have our traditions’ essence and soul. You will see Indians cooking using every technique that you find in the books or practical life. Whether it is deep-fried dishes or ‘satvik food,’ you will see us having and enjoying everything with our hearts. Cooking is also something that is very dear to most of us. Food is our one true love, and you will often see fans of Indian cuisine worldwide.

Many vegetarian dishes that people find in Indian food that they would have never discovered on their own. Most Indians stick to cooking food using a gas stove when they are from a middle-class family. However, lately, that has been changing as we are moving towards choosing an induction cooktop for our kitchen. Today, we are going to see whether an induction cooktop can or cannot be good for Indians and their cooking methods in the kitchen. Let us quickly dive into the details.

Induction Cooktop

Fundamentals of Cooking on an Induction Cooktop

To understand whether an induction cooktop will suit the cooking needs of Indians, we first need to realize how it works. An induction cooktop uses electromagnetic energy for its working and converts it to heat that gets transferred to the cookware. The iron metals atoms of induction cookware are excited when placed on the surface of the induction cooktop. This results in the cookware’s rapid heating within seconds, and you get to cook your food in a much faster way.

How Induction Cooktops can help Indians in their cooking

As Indians, we like to save our money. Therefore, whenever we come along with products that are offering us the allowance of having a good budget, we are happy. With latest induction cooktops, energy is never wasted. It is also very fast, and one does not need to waste even a single second in the kitchen. Therefore, people who are busy find induction cooktops very amazing. Induction cooktops are therefore quite famous in the metro cities of India, where single people often live in rooms that they took on rent or in their hostels. Other than that, induction cooktops are also the safest cooktops that one can find. When compared to gas stoves, you will never have the hassle to change the gas cylinder as it gets over. All you have to have is a proper electrical supply, and your experience with the induction cooktop will be amazing.

Bottom Line

Induction cooktops are amazing when one wants to seek productivity as well as efficiency in their kitchens. For Indian cooking, you can do anything from sautéing to deep frying on an induction cooktop. With the provision of induction cooktop tawas, you can also make those chappatis right on the induction. There are also many Indian utensils and cookware coming up that are being manufactured to suit the desires of Indians who cook using an induction cooktop.