Human resources training courses have been in Australia for the past several years, and they are quickly gaining momentum and popularity. However, despite this, many people are still skeptical about these courses, claiming they are not practical and ineffective. Perhaps the main reason why there are still HR course skeptics is because some people tend to believe in false information and myths about these courses. In this article, we will identify and sort out some of the most popular myths about HR training and management courses in Australia.

In order to understand and appreciate HR training courses a bit further, it is important to separate the fact from fiction. If you are thinking about taking such course but a bit apprehensive because of some of the myths you’ve heard, this one is for you. Below are some of the most common misunderstood and mistaken beliefs about these courses that tend to mislead Australians.

You can become an HR professional even without a certification – This is one of the most common misconceptions about HR courses. Some believe that if formal education and training are not necessary if you want to become a HR professional in the future. Since today’s HR industry has become more formal and systematic, if you want to become a professional, then you would need proper training and certification.

Being a HR professional is not fulfilling – If you have passion for HR and managing people, then you will surely enjoy being a HR professional. Aside from it is fulfilling, you will also enjoy other benefits like good pay. The industry has been improving ever since, and because of this, companies are willing to spend more for their employees’ salary. Additionally, if you plan to open a HR business, you may not have a hard time making it big and sustainable since the trend now is going towards HR outsourcing.

HR courses are very expensive – While taking up HR courses is not cheap, there are many ways you could to avoid spending a lot of money on training and education. One sure way to cut costs is to apply for scholarship. In New South Wales, there are HR schools that honor government scholarship programs. If you meet the requirements for NSW government scholarship, which include being an Australian citizen, currently not studying in tertiary or secondary education, and an NSW citizen, you can certainly apply for scholarship grant.

It is not easy to get a job after graduation – Some say that taking up HR courses is futile because you will not have an easy time looking for a job after graduation. This is probably one of the most misleading myths surrounding HR courses. Australia’s HR outsourcing industry continues to expand and to develop, which is why more and more companies and businesses are hiring people with proper training and qualifications. Hence, if you took up HR courses, you will most likely get a job in the industry because you have the right credentials and experience.

If I take up HR courses, I don’t need more training – Studying at a HR school is only one way to hone and master your skills; however, since HR management are a very broad discipline, you would still need supplementary training and exposure. Hence, if you want to further improve your skills and to broaden your network of colleagues and clients, you would really need to undergo further training. This means undergoing apprenticeship program in HR-related businesses.

If you are interested in taking up HR courses, go and contact a HR school near you to inquire about curriculum, education standards, and fees. By doing this, you will be more aware of the terms and information pertaining to its HR training courses.