A nebulizer is a device that warms liquid substances and produces fine mists. Health advisers refer nebulizers for babies to easily inhale medicines. This special device is very beneficial to treat respiratory conditions. The essential baby medicines can work even better if it is taken in the form of nebulizer mist.

Health advisers may recommend this method for some babies. If you want to know how to give nebulizer medications for the baby, then you can find help here.


How does the nebulizer work?

There are two types of nebulizers available : compressor nebulizer and ultrasonic nebulizer. The compressor nebulizer uses a compressed motor that produces steam or mist. Many medicines can be transformed into a mist with the compressor nebulizer. The particle size and treatment time can be adjusted in this type of device. Also, this nebulizer is quiet and quick when compared to other types.

The ultrasonic, also known as the jet nebulizer, produces medicine steam or mist within a few minutes. The treatment time of this nebulizer is very quick and effective. However, there are certain medicine restrictions when using an ultrasonic nebulizer. This nebulizer heats the medicine that may affect the quality. Therefore, only the health adviser prescribed medicines should be used in this nebulizer.

Both the compressor and the ultrasonic nebulizer is child friendly. Some of the manufacturers also consider child safety and provide suitable accessories for child use.

The step by step guide

  • Take the health adviser prescribed medication that is in liquid or powder form. If prescribed, add these medicines to saline or sterile water. Read the health adviser given instructions carefully before use.
  • Connect the medicine cup to the nebulizer you are using. Ensure whether the cup is connected well to the nebulizer.
  • If you have a pacifier or mask, then connect it with the nebulizer cup.
  • Now keep the mask near the infant’s face. On the first use, keep the mask a little far. After the practice, you can keep the mask near the child’s face by covering the nose and mouth.
  • Now turn on the nebulizer. Also, you can see bubbling in the device that creates steam or mist inside the mask.
  • The treatment comes to a finish when the medicine in the cup fully evaporates, and the mist slowly disappears.
  • After every use, the nebulizer and its accessories must be cleaned.
  • Also, consult with the health adviser regarding further details about using a nebulizer.

Things to remember

Babies can move and cry when using a nebulizer. Sometimes using this device for babies can be a challenging task. Here are some tips to easily use a nebulizer to treat the baby.

  • Many health advisers suggest that nebulizers should be used when the baby is sleepy.
  • The nebulizer sound or vibrations may scare the baby. So place a nebulizer on top of a towel or rug to reduce sound.
  • Hold the baby on your lap to benefit more from the nebulizer.
  • Swaddle the baby to make them comfortable.

Nebulizers can be very beneficial for babies. If the health adviser prescribes the nebulized method of treatment for the baby then follow the above steps.