If you are considering trying this savior of a device called a portable scanner, you might want to look into the details and features that each of them offers. We have a list for you-


The speed of a regular, as well as the portable scanner, is measured in papers per minute or PPM. This can mean differently in the case of different brands and sellers, though. Papers per minute (or PPM) are measured in some cases, taking two-sided scanning in mind, and in some cases keeping one-sided scanning in mind. Go through the technical manual of your portable scanner to check what its speed is. Speed is an important aspect to consider before buying a scanner.


Do you work in an office where you get huge bulks of papers every day to work on? Is your paperwork a mess, and you need something to sort things out for you? Are you a student with loads of assignments to work on? Then you probably need to go for a higher capacity scanner. The volume of the documents you can scan in your portable scanner depends upon the capacity that it holds. Larger the volume of items (documents, forms, homework, pages of books, etc.) you need to scan, higher should be your scanner’s capacity. Take this point into consideration too, when you’re purchasing a portable scanner for yourself.


Your portable scanner should be compatible with your system. This is the most important point to look upon before getting a scanner. Is it compatible with your phones, laptop, and desktop? If it is not with any of your devices, then you may want to upgrade to a better version that your phone and computers support. The point of a portable scanner is to scan papers on the go and mostly make a soft copy of them into your phone or laptop. So, make sure it connects with all your electronic devices, and the connection is strong!

Paper Size/Format:

Give a good thought to the sizes of the documents you need to scan. There are various formats of documents that can be scanned with a single portable scanner. Dimensions of the paper always have to be kept in mind. Yes, you might not always scan only one type of document, but make sure your portable scanner supports the format that you scan most of your papers in. They do support a variety of other formats as well. Make sure you look into the available formats of your portable scanner before buying it.


The resolution of your scanner is another thing to keep in mind when you buy one. A high level of sweep determined can result in higher detail caught from the first picture. This also assures a larger measure of record. The standard number of pixels for examining content is 300, and the adequate number is 200. They are measured in pixels per inch or PPI.

Pages per Day:

Scanners are designed for handling a different number of pages to scan per day. This varies from dealer to dealer. Look for the duty cycle of the portable scanner (That is what they are called) in the instruction manual or ask your dealer.

All the deets you need to purchase a flawless portable scanner for yourself are right here. Make your choice wisely!