Having a plan in your mind to buy a juicer soon? Well, a juicer is a device that can be your best friend throughout the year. After a hard-working day or an intensive workout session, you need to take a sip of juice. Earlier, preparing juices was not that much easy as it is now. Juicer is the device that has made the entire process pretty easy. Even the person who never entered the kitchen also can prepare delicious and healthy juices with juicers.

How to use a juicer?

Using a juicer is an easy task. Just you have to insert the fruit or vegetable into the machine to get the juice. The electronic juicers need no external effort to produce juice. These can extract the juice out of the fruits and vegetables automatically. But the non-electronic manual juicers need you to operate manually to extract juices.

How can you decide which juicer is suitable for you?

When you’re in the market, you can see many kinds of juicers from different brands. All the price ranges vary from low to high according to the specifications. Now the question is how you will select the right one among the options available. The good news is that there’s a number of facts that can guide you to choose the best one. Let’s check what the criteria that you should look for in your juicer are.


Most of the kitchens are not too big to store a lot of appliances inside. If you own a kitchen with limited space, go for a model that fits in a little space. A device with large size will occupy more space. Then you won’t be able to get more appliances.


The electronic juicers can produce juice from fruits and vegetables automatically while then other ones don’t. You have to operate a regular juicer manually to get the juice. Also, electronic juicers do the task way faster than regular juicers. The electronic juicers are the advanced juicers that provide you with a lot more benefits.


The budget will always matter for you while buying any kind of electronic appliance. The better model with better specifications you will buy, the more money you have to spend. It is always preferable to go for the electronic ones if you have enough budget. The electronic juicers are generally a bit costlier than other ones. In case, if you don’t have a sufficient budget to buy an electronic one, a regular juicer won’t disappoint you.


The durability of a juicer depends upon the quality of blades and the material that it’s made of. You need to make sure that the blades of the juicer are strong and durable. Also, you should get a juicer made of steel or alloy. That will be more durable than any plastic juicer.

These are the points you have to verify as a buyer before buying a juicer in india . This is how you can select the right option for you among the huge varieties.