Life jackets are lifesavers when indulging in water activities. The life jacket is the main equipment for water sport enthusiasts. For snorkeling, kayaking, boating or for any water-based recreational activity the life jackets are necessary. The main reason to wear a life jacket is for safety. The body part is well covered by the jacket to offer floating effect. Even if you do not swim you can enjoy water sports by wearing a life jacket. Let us see how to choose the right life jacket for you.

The smart tips to choose the perfect life jacket 

  1. Know the life jacket types 
  • Life jacket for fishing 

The fishing or canoeing life jackets come with wider arm cuts. This design helps you to paddle the boat comfortably. There is so much space to store your fishing accessories in the jacket.

  • Life jacket for kayaking 

The kayaking life jacket offers the freedom to move your arms and hands. Unlike normal jackets, it is thin in design. This helps you to comfortably sit in the kayak.

  • The compliance jacket 

The compliance jacket is spongy and thick. They are fit and provide high security. It is mostly used for many water sports and recreational boating. If you are not a swimmer then the compliance life jacket is perfect for you.

  • Skiing and tubing life jacket 

This life vest is used for snorkelling and knee boarding. Unlike other jackets, it does not come with a zipper. This jacket contains buckles and straps.

  1. Give priority to the material

More than the design or shape the material of the jacket matters the most. The excellent life jacket materials are neoprene and nylon. They are great life jacket material that protects you from drowning.

  • The nylon jacket 

The nylon material is the most common materials in life jackets. This light material fabric is perfect for every water sport. They are the most durable and sustainable life vest available in the market.

  • The neoprene jacket 

The life jackets made from neoprene material are quality and expensive. They are suitable for both simple and complex water sport. The amount of comfort and buoyancy is very high. If you do not know swimming then you can rely on these smart life jackets.

  1. The fit and size is the key 

For comfortable and safe use of life jacket, the size and fit are the main features. The life vests are available in many sizes.

  • Life jacket for adults 

The right way to measure life jacket size for is from the chest to the back. when closing the zip or straps in the jacket it should be tight. If the jacket easily comes off your head then it is big for your size. You can check paddling moves by wearing a life jacket to ensure safety.

  • Life jacket for children 

Rather than buying the adult life jacket in smaller sizes go for the vests that are specially designed for children. These jackets for children should also be tight for maximum safety.


A fitting life jacket can help you to safely enjoy your water sports. Consider the above points to choose the right life jacket for you.