The kitchen is that part of the home that has to be provided with amenities and features that makes it convenient for the person who is vested with the duty of producing or rather coming healthy and scrumptious meals for the entire family. It is again one area of the home that would be subject to considerable wear and tear regularly and might pose a necessity for redoing or remodelling after a certain period.

Renovating the kitchen

Are you thinking of renovating your kitchen? Read this to learn about certain important facts about the under-mount sinks and how they can add to the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen when compared to drop-in sinks that are less expensive. Apart from the aesthetic appeal, the undermount sinks when combined with a waterproof countertop can be a one-time investment worth the extra penny you spend on them and one that you would be proud of. Let us see how?

Undermount sinks- why are they better?

The factors that make the under-mount sinks an ideal choice for your kitchen despite them being slightly expensive include

Features- The distinctive feature of an under-mount sink is that the edge lip of the sink is designed to be mounted below a solid surface countertop. This means that the kitchen sink effectively hangs underneath the counter rather than sitting on top of it. It would create a continuous flow from the countertop into the sink.

 Compatibility-The under-mount sinks are highly compatible with all types of countertops irrespective of the material of the countertop. It goes best with all types of materials that you may consider for a countertop such as be it concrete or natural stones like granite or marble. But, because of grout lines and too many weak points, they might not support the weight of the undermount sink.

Ease of use-  Ease of use here refers to how easily you can maintain the countertop clean when you have an under-mount sink in place. When you have an under-mount sink in place, you can push the food scraps that drop on the countertop while you are preparing food or cooking right away into the sink. There is also no chance for food materials to stick to the sink because the rim is not exposed. This is indeed an easy way to reclaim counter space while working in the kitchen.

Installation-  An under-mount sink has to be installed with care to ensure that it is an ideal solution that works seamlessly for you. How do you ensure it? Sealing is the answer. it would prevent leakage and also provides effective support. Avoid loading the sink with heavy dishes. This might cause the sink to pull apart from the underside and crash. Get a professional to do the sealing work.

Price range– You would be aware that the undermount sinks are expensive when compared to the drop-in sinks. But, you might not be aware that you have undermount sinks that range from $250 – $800, depending on size and material. This means you might still be able to purchase an under-mount sink within your budget unless it is very low.

Renovation is the time to go in for the latest and in trend items that can make work easy for you. Invest in an under-mount sink and reap the advantages it has to offer such as the aesthetic appeal and ease of use.