When we think of a typical Indian summer, anybody would love to mention Mangoes, but the scorching heat will leave us in tears.  The only inexpensive way to beat a cruel Indian summers is to put your money on the right kind of pedestal fans. You can always rely on ceiling fans, but that will not be enough to keep you cool. Coolers and AC tend to be very expensive, but with a pedestal fan, you can get through the grueling summer months.

Here are the top 5 brands that manufacture the best pedestal fans in india.


Havells is a familiar name in the industry, and it manufactures the best pedestal fans that money can buy. All the models have a sleek design, which makes it easy to fit into difficult spaces. The fans do not consume too much power. The manufacturer has always emphasized improving every model. The fans feature very powerful motors, and they also come with cooling technology.


If you are on the lookout for lightweight fans, then Crompton is a brand you can rely on blindfolded. The fans from this brand are quite sleek, and the finishing is very sturdy. The fans from this brand are known to be completely noiseless, which is a huge plus point. The good thing about buying from this brand is that the fans use very little power, and they are not expensive at all. Crompton also offers a 24-month warranty on most of their products.


Are you looking for a fan that is good looking and a high performer? For both of these, you can rely on Ansio; this is one brand that has caused quite a storm in the market with its groundbreaking products. The good thing about Ansio Fans is that most of them can be used both outdoors and indoors. Since the fans are made from high-quality plastic, they are very lightweight and can be carried around without any problems. The fans made by this brand circulate air evenly within a short time.

American Micronic

Fans from this brand are super easy to put together; one does not have to possess technical knowledge. The fans made by the brand are quite durable, and they will last for every. The brand is known to make fans by employing state of the art technology, and that is what sets them apart from other rival brands. The manufacturer gives the customers a warranty that is valid for at least two years.


Indian Summers can be very unbearable if you don’t own a fan from this brand, the fans from this particular brand are a good mix of smart designing and advanced features. The brand does not disappoint when it comes to giving customers fans that pack in a powerful performance. The brand has already become a household name in India.

So these were the 5 best brands in India that manufacture high-quality pedestal fans. To buy the best fan, you need to fix your budget and work out your requirements. These brands are certainly worth putting your money on.