A wallet is the only accessory that is loved by most men. This is because men can carry all their essentials from credit cards to money to the license inside the wallet. It would not be unfair to say that the selection of wallets defines a man’s personality.

The availability of numerous brands in the market makes it difficult for men to choose the right wallet for themselves. For the same reason, we have shortlisted Top 5 men’s wallet brands in India. Go ahead and check out the information given below.

Leather Wallets

  1. Hidesign: If you are someone who is looking forward to purchasing a high-end wallet then there is no better brand than Hidesign. This brand makes some of the top quality wallets. The construction as well as the design of the Hidesign wallets are unique and unbeatable. Hidesign mostly makes leather wallets. This brand will make your dream of having a classic leather wallet come true. Hidesign wallets and bags are not only loved by people of India but all around the world.
  2. Woodland: If you are an Indian, you might be well aware of the brand Woodland. Woodland has been serving Indians for many years and they have quite a good reputation. Most Indians prefer buying woodland wallets for themselves. The reason behind this is the durability and quality of the woodland wallets. People buy woodland wallets for a good reason. If you are willing to buy a good quality wallet for yourself then you should give Woodland a thought.
  3. Levis: The brand Levis is most commonly known for its pieces of denim and other apparel. But, everyone is not aware of the wallets made by Levis. This brand gives a perfect combination of style and function to the wallets. Levis has plenty of wallet options for men of all age groups from teenagers to adults. We would suggest our readers to not miss this brand.
  4. Urban Forest: If you have heard the name of the Urban Forest you might also know that it is a brand that is known for its extremely stylish leather wallets. And not only the brand manufactures stylish wallets it also prices the wallet at a reasonable rate. Urban Forest is a perfect brand for such people who are looking for good looking wallets but are price-conscious.
  5. Titan: This brand is no new for people living in India. A very good reputation of the brand in the watch industry convinces people that their wallets are also amazing which is a factual thing. The Titan has a wide range of wallets that not only possesses a classy appearance but also tend to last for a longer period. No matter what color you like the most, titan always has an option for you.

Bottom line

There hundreds of wallet brands in the Indian market. Choosing a good brand is not as easy as it seems. We would suggest our readers to always read the reviews and ratings before making a purchase of any product. We hope our article proves to be helpful for you.