A towel warmer is a common essential that you often see in the bathrooms. Almost in every house, you can see a towel warmer in the bathroom. The name of the machine tells everything about its function. A top quality towel warmer basically heats the wet towels until they become dry. The European hotels first started the usage of these kinds of towel heaters. The weather of the European countries remains cold for most of the months of a year. In such conditions, the hotels used to use towel warmers to attend the guests in better ways. A towel warmer not only dries towels and makes them warm but also warms the bathroom. The entire bathroom gets heated, and you can enjoy a better bath on cold days that way. Mainly, there are two versions of the towel warmers- the traditional ones and the electric ones.

Towel warmers are mainly made of some strong metals. Steel, stainless steel, and aluminium are the main materials of towel warmers. In some warmers, you can see brass and copper as main materials also. In most warmers, the makers use polished steel to provide a complete finished look to the warmer.

There are two ways or processes to heat the towel warmers. You can heat the machine through a heating cable. Connect one end of the cable with the machine and connect the other end with the electric connection. Turn on the switch and the warmer will get heated within sometimes. Otherwise, you can heat the warmer through the circulation of hot water. In several machines, you will find both the healing process together. A towel warmer with a high heat output can work as a bathroom heater and can heat the bathroom in the cold weather.

Mainly, you can see the towel warmers in the ladder shapes. But you can see other shaped towel warmers also.

Advantages of towel warmers

Towel warmers are very stylish, and those machines can enhance the beauty of your bathroom. The towel warmers can dry the towels very quickly. Other ways are not quite efficient to dry the towels quickly. A towel warmer consumes a much lesser quantity of water than other options like cast iron radiator and others. The towel warmers are economical and budget-friendly too. You can modify the shape of the warmer according to the size and shape of your bathroom.


A towel warmer warms the temperature of your bathroom or room. While hitting the towels, the warmer increases the room temperature as well. Therefore, after switching off the machine, it takes a long time to get back to room temperature. That’s a big drawback. Especially in the warm, hot weather, you can’t afford to increase your temperature more. The electric towel warmers sometimes generate poor heating power due to the low voltage.

These are the advantages and disadvantages of a towel warmer. Undoubtedly, this machine is quite helpful for drying towels quickly. There are disadvantages, and if you consider those, it’s a decent machine. You should definitely buy one if you want to dry wet towels faster.