A patio umbrella is any home-made umbrella for leisure purpose use. This type of umbrella can be constructed or manufactured of any materials easily available in the home. The types of patio umbrellas are beach umbrellas, titling patio umbrellas, and bistro umbrellas.

Difference between Patio Umbrella and Market Umbrella

A market umbrella means the shape and design of the umbrella; this type of umbrella is a prior developed umbrella than a patio umbrella. It has been invented worldwide, the creation of a different time period. Merchants of all around the world using this in an open market of each area to cover them up from the rays of heat. The structure of a market umbrella is very complex, and materials which are being used to manufacture the umbrella are also costly and not affordable for general purpose.

However, not everyone can afford the market umbrella for leisure time use, so in this way, an easy method has been used to make a patio umbrella that is affordable as well as easily manufactured by anyone.

How to Measure a Patio Umbrella

 The size of a patio umbrella is determined by its breadth, importantly not by its height. There are three steps to measure a patio umbrella, one is open the umbrella widely and finds that how much the canopy extended( length), second is use a tap for the measurement of the rib arms on the top of the patio umbrella from the centre to the outside edge and lastly multiply that measurement number by two and this will detect the accurate size of the patio umbrella.

How to choose the Right Size Patio Umbrella

The factors which needed to take for the purpose of the patio umbrella are the size of the extension over the table by two feet on each side. The shape also matters the most, the shape should be in partial square-rectangle based, and the shade is optionally important that mimics the size of the dinner table. The recommended table size should be up to thirty inches wide and organized paired with an outdoor bistro set and also require a 35lb patio umbrella stand or more than that.

There are various types of Patio Umbrella available in the market, which makes buying a tough process. So it is advised to learn about the different types of umbrellas and which one suits your Patio perfectly before buying any particular one.