In the 1950s, the process of plasma cutting evolved from plasma welding. They can accurately cut thin and bulk materials. But this method got accepted only in the 1970s due to the lack of understanding of the whole process.

But now, the plasma cutter has become a lifesaver. The production industry invests in these machines for their ability to give good quality work. Because they can cut any 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional material, they have become popular.

The following are some of the areas where these innovative machines are widely used to get the job done to perfection.

  • Metal Artwork

Using a plasma cutter can be quite satisfying for artists belonging to a certain genre of metal. This is because this device can help to make accurate cuts and form intricate shapes on the metal. Another advantage is that it can cut along the fine lines drawn on the metal to make stencils and templates.

  • Fixing

For repairing an object made of metal, the plasma cutter proves to be superior to other torch types. They are quite comfortable for repairing things like fenders, trailer hitches, car, and watering tanks.

  • Demolition

To break down something that is entirely made of metal, the plasma cutter does the work. This machine gets the job with less mess. On the other hand, other separation methods can leave behind extra debris.

For a quick and clean cut on the metal object, the plasma cutter is the best bet.

  • Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Cuts

Another great thing about plasma cutters is that they can make various types of cuts on a single whole sheet of scraps, metal, or tubes. 2D and 3D are the 2 types of CNC. To cut at a flat sheet with many parts a 90-degree angle, 2D can do the job. On the other hand, to make countersunk holes, the 3D type is the best. This is because it allows for angling at any degree on the edge.

  • Profession Usage

Using these machines depends on the type of work of the user. Because this machine is portable, you can take it to your job. This is especially helpful for a plumber who needs to cut the pipe for repair. The fabrication industry needs multi-axis cutting for the welding work, and the plasma cutter can do it in a precise way.

The bottom line

Using a plasma cutter offers both ease and precision. But before anyone can use them, it is mandatory to get the safety equipment to handle it. The knowledge of how the plasma cutter works can be beneficiary to the user.

Remember, a little mistake can cause a big injury which may remain for a lifetime. Plasma cutter indeed does an amazing job with the metals, but the user must make sure that other things are in order.

The art of plasma cutting is satisfying due to its capacity to do clean cuts in a short time frame. So, if you love handcrafts and you are perfectionist, then plasma cutter is for you.