A ceiling fan is an economical solution to keep your home cool, comfortable and ventilated. It can cool your home to some extent, even during a scorching summer. They are considered favourably over other cooling solutions because they consume very little power when compared to an air conditioner or even an air cooler. Ceiling fans would help you save your energy bills considerably even if it were to run continuously throughout the day. However, the efficiency of the ceiling fans is dependent on several factors, and you need to consider them when you are about to choose a ceiling fan for your home.

CFM- What is it?

CFM is the short form of cubic feet per minute. It is a measure of the amount of air that the ceiling fan can move in a minute. It is when the fan is running at a maximum speed. The CFM, along with other factors such as RPM, blade size, Pitch, and motor type, will decide how good or bad the ceiling fan is. The CFM is more important than all others.

Factors that can affect CFM

The factors that affect the CFM include

 RPM– This is the short form of Rotations per minute. It refers to the number of times the fans make a full rotation in a minute.

Blade Size- The blade size of the fan ranges from 40”-65”. The bigger blade size would ensure more airflow.

Blade pitch– The blade pitch that the standard ceiling fans feature is “13. This refers to the tilted angle of the blade and ensures that more air is moved.

CFM requirements related to the room size

The ceiling fan CFM measures that are required for ceiling fans that are to be installed in different sized rooms include

Small space (Less than 200sq.ft) –

2000-3000 CFM

Kitchen, bedroom, hall (200-300sq.ft)-


Large rooms (300-450Sq.ft)-

4000-6000 CFM

Very large rooms (450 sq. ft and above)-


Go through the CFM ratings of the ceiling fans before you purchase them. You might have to go in for more than one fan.

 High Airflow ceiling fans in India

Some of the popular high airflow ceiling fans with CFM over 5000 include

 Orient Electric Aero-Slim premium ceiling fan- This is one of the next generation fans that blends style and performance from one of the popular brands in India. It is available in four colour options and is loaded with features that include regulation of the fan speed, multiple mode operations, reversing the rotation, etc.

Gorilla efficio– This is a 3-blade energy saving ceiling fan with a 5-star rating for energy efficiency.

 Havells Nicola- This is the fan that is best suited for modern times owing to its stylish structure. It is known for high air delivery and optimum performance, consuming less power.

Choose energy-efficient and high airflow fans that are manufactured and sold by popular brands in India. This would help increase the airflow within the room. Watch out for the CFM specifications to understand what you can expect.