The treadmill is a good investment for people wanting to stay fit without visiting the gym. The treadmill enables you to exercise daily irrespective of the weather. The entire family can benefit from the treadmill. There are multiple choices of treadmills priced at different rates in the market. The overwhelming amount of models and brands of treadmills tend to cause confusion about the best one for you.

The confusion can be avoided by considering certain factors when purchasing a treadmill below 20K INR budget. Some of these factors have been discussed here.


Space is an important consideration because the treadmill will occupy a lot of space. To this end, measure the space where you intend to place the treadmill. The manufacturers publish the dimensions of treadmills. Standard home treadmills usually measure 7’ × 3’. The running area of the treadmill should be sufficient so that it is not cramped. The size of the belt determines the running area. The suitable belt length for running is 55” while the width is 22”. For walking, the recommended length is 50”, and the width is 20”.

Folding treadmills also occupy a lot of space when in use. If you are considering a folding treadmill, then measure the storage space as well.

Manual or Electronic 

The electronic treadmill has a motor which runs the belt for running or walking. Manual treadmill, on the other hand, has no motor and has to be operated manually by the user. Manual treadmills are cheap as compared to electronic treadmills. But it is better to opt for electronic treadmills for ease of use.

Motor Power 

The motor present in the treadmill powers the belt. Thus, the motor power measured in Horsepower or Continuous Horse Power is an important factor. Continuous Horse Power or CHP is a better indicator because it is that power that the motor provides continuously rather than just at the peak. The motor power you need depends upon the type of exercise you plan to do on the treadmill. For walking, the ideal motor power is 2.0 CHP and above. For jogging, the ideal motor power is 2.5 CHP and above. For running, the ideal motor power is 3.0 CHP and above. If you weigh more than 200 pounds, add 0.5 extra CHP to the recommended power. Standard home treadmills usually have motor powers ranging between 2.25 and 4.25 CHP.

Weight Capacity 

The treadmill should be able to handle the weights of the users. Each treadmill has a maximum user weight. It is better to go for a treadmill with a maximum user weight 50 pounds greater than your weight or the weight of the heaviest person in your family if the treadmill is for family use.


Apart from speed, the incline is also linked to the intensity of workouts on treadmills. Greater the incline, more strenuous is the workout. Automatic incline feature which changes the incline just at the push of a button is much better than manual incline in which you have to get down from the treadmill to adjust the incline.