In the kitchen, there are various appliances that are being used for making the task easy for different work. With the use of these appliances, the work which was being done earlier takes a lot of time but now gets finished off within a few seconds. Mostly the task which is being commonly done and is repetitive such as grinding, blending, grating, extraction of juices, dough making, and many others. For doing this task, the different levels of energy are being required, for which different types of machines are required.

Some of the machines come in a combination that performs a different task in one only. In this, the user needs to purchase one machine at that time, but many factors do not satisfy them, and later on, it becomes repentance of purchasing it. Purchasing the food processor does the work of both the food processor as well as mixer grinder. It could be bought separately as well. So to purchase in which way would be wise –

Mixer Grinder

  • Motor – The motor which is being used in a mixer grinder is a heavy motor required to do difficult tasks in the kitchen such as grinding, making the chutney, and many other. In this, the user could do the different tasks as required, suppose if the user required the minute grinding, then that could be done through a mixer grinder only. For many of the tasks more speed is required then the user has to depend on the heavy motors as a motor with fewer watts will break down.

While a food processor has the motor with fewer watts and that is best for the task such as blending, slicing, making the dough, shredding, and many others. The blades of these move much slower than the mixer grinder. You can buy a good mixer grinder below 2000 rs budget.

  • Power saving – Although the mixer grinder is doing most of the task in the kitchen, there are many tasks that, if not done at a slower speed, will not give the best of taste. Working on a higher speed when the task is done at a lower speed with better efficiency is wastage of energy. So for performing these tasks in the kitchen, it is best to have the food processor, which saves a lot of energy. Most of these tasks are done regularly, and this will save a lot of energy if performed on a food processor.
  • Taste – If the right appliance is being used for doing the task, then only it will taste best. If the high speed is required to perform the task, then if it’s being done at a slower speed, it will not give the best of taste. So, to have the right blend of taste, it is required to have the appropriate speed and pressure on the food items.

It is best to use different appliances for a different task in the kitchen. There are other options as well in which the food processor and mixer grinder could be bought for their specific purpose in which they are good. This will help in having both the appliance in the kitchen as well as having benefits of both.