Having a pet can be a stress buster is a proven fact. Dogs and cats are the most popular animals that are reared as pets by a higher number of people in the world. However, having a cat as a pet is considered to be less stressful than having a dog. It is because cats do not require any effort on your part, as in the case of dogs.

However, you love your pet and would have to ensure that you provide it with the basic requirements to ensure it is safe and healthy. Since cats are animals that take a drink a lot of water, it is indeed a good idea to buy a cat fountain to ensure that your cat can access fresh and clean water whenever it needs it.

Reasons for buying a cat fountain

You hate to drink water from a stale glass right/ so do cats. It has been proven that even the cats in the wild prefer to drink water from a fresh stream of water than from the puddles. Getting a cat fountain is the best thing that you would be doing for your pet. You should be doing it also because:

The cat would be encouraged to drink more– The water that trickles from the fountain is quite inviting for a number of cats. They would surely be drawn towards the water fountain rather than drinking from a plain and stagnant bowl of water. Pet owners confirm that their pets developed an interest in drinking water when they replaced the plain bowls with cat fountains.

Ensuring that the cat drinks enough water is essential to ensure the cat’s health is perfect. The cat fountain that works constantly circulating the water would ensure that it is quite similar to the natural flow of water, which attracts cat and ensures the development of good water-drinking habit in your cat.

Healthy water- When you buy a cat fountain, you can be assured that you are giving your healthy pet water. Let us see how? The continuous movement of water in the fountain a process of aeration takes place in the water because the fountain works by breaking the surface tension. This process helps the water to draw in more oxygen from the air. This means that the water is fresher and healthier at all times. This ensures that the cat drinks enough water and disorders that occur to the kidney and other functions due to dehydration are avoided.

Water that tastes great– Cat water fountains are now endowed with filters. The filters ensure that the pump of the fountain lasts long and the dirt and dust are removed ensuring a clean supply of water. As far as the filter is concerned most of the cat fountains in the market feature activated carbon. The filters are usually made of coconut shells that undergo a process of carbonization that leaves only carbon while the other elements are removed. This is then activated adding oxygen. The filter thus activated is quite capable of absorbing all types of contaminants in water including chlorine in tap water. When unpleasant odors and growth of bacteria are inhibited you have a fresh supply of water that is tasty and healthy for your cat.

Gift your cat access to fresh and clean water at all times with the cat water fountain.