With time, everyone wants to use a water heater, which is energy efficient as well as having the best of design. For this now leaving the traditional water heater, everyone is adopting a tankless water heater. With these heaters, a user does not have to keep the water heated over time for use, and there is no limit. While in a traditional water heater, a user needs to keep water heated over time for using it. But when we use anything, there are various pros and cons which are associated with it.


  • Saves energy – There is no loss of heat as a user does not have to keep the water heated as one needs to do in a traditional water heater. By keeping the water heated for a particular time takes a lot of energy, and through this, one can heat the water instantly, saving a lot of energy.
  • No end to supply – There is no limit of heated water with tankless water heaters. As one can take as much water, one wants to have without keeping it in storage. With this, one does not have to store the heated water for use as when the flowing water gets heated automatically.
  • Design – It takes less space to fit, and therefore, it does not require more space on the wall as in a traditional heater to be mounted. So, where there is less space, it is one of the best options for getting heated water.
  • Water is always fresh- No settling of water in the tank as it could lead to rust or scaling of minerals. If the proper exit is not done in the case of a traditional heater, then it may harm the heater. But there are no such issues with tankless heaters as there is no storage of water in the tank.


  • Less capacity – It depends on the usage as well as the size of a family and how much tankless water heater will be required. It does not have much capacity to give heated water. So, the user needs to put more of a heater to cater to the needs of a family. It has limitations depending on its size and how many units of heated water one can deliver.
  • Costing – The cost of a tankless heater is much more as compared to traditional heaters—a user who wants to use this need to fetch more for using it. The cost could vary more than 3 times the cost of traditional ones, which could be heavy on the budget.
  • More Power unit – When the water needs to be heated, then it requires more electricity to heat the water. To heat the water instantly, it requires more energy for which one needs to have strong wiring at home. If there is old wiring, then it could lead to some mishappening even.

With everything, we use there are pros as well as cons associated with it. Considering all these factors, one needs to decide which of the products one can choose for oneself and loved ones. These have been used over time by many people, and with proper care as well as the maintenance, it could serve for a longer duration.