Many car owners use expensive car dusters to clean the car. These dusters may easily damage if it is washed like normal car dusters. There different types of car dusters and these may have to be washed properly. Some dusters are designed in a way to remove only the dust and dirt in the car. Also, they should not be used for wet car-cleaning.

However, Caring and maintaining an expensive car duster is an easy process. If you want to know about the proper method to clean your car duster, then you can find help here.

Car Duster

Benefits of using a car duster

  • The best way to keep the car interior and exterior clean is by using a right car duster. Wiping a car with an excellent car duster is more than enough to keep the car neat and clean
  • A car duster protects the car paint from fading. The duster contains paraffin wax that keeps your car shiny after every dusting.
  • A car duster can help you to clean the dust in hard to reach spots. Also, cleaning a car with soap and water can damage the interior. So, safeguard your vehicle by cleaning it with a car duster.

Why clean a car duster?

The car surface may contain harmful dirt and dust. A car duster helps to get rid of these harmful particles. Therefore, a car duster also requires occasional cleaning. If you are using a California duster, then it is even more important to maintain it properly. Also, if a car duster is properly maintained, it can last up to 15 to 20 years. Therefore, let us see the step by step process to clean a car duster.

  • Step one

To keep the dusters clean shake it after each use. When shaking the duster, the dirt and dust will fall out. Follow this step over a trash can. A car duster is not useful if it is dirty or unclean.

  • Step two

Wash the car duster with mild laundry detergent. This process should be followed only if the car duster is very dirty. Also, there are many car duster cleaning Agents available in the market. The duster washing detergent contains an active ingredient that easily removes tough stains. Do not wash the car duster very often as it may damage easily. If washing is required, then wash the duster in cold water. Soak the dusting brush in cold water and mild detergent. Gently use your hands to clean the dirt in the brush.

  • Step three

The third process is to rinse the car duster in plain water to remove the soap residue. After a complete wash, it is important to air-dry the duster. Also, do not use hot water for washing as it may damage the paraffin wax in the duster. Start dusting your car after completing drying the duster. If the car duster is wet, then all the dust will again stick to the duster.


The car dusters help to keep the car neat and clean. So, properly maintain this important equipment by following the above steps.